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Global Wireless Tradetelecom

[United States] Brand new Sidekick 3 $150usd,Brand new ETEN M600......$200usd,Brand new NEXTEL I930 ...$130USD

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Brand new Sidekick 3 $150usd
Brand new Sidekick 2 $120usd
Brand new Pink couture sidekick 2 $155usd
Brand new Mr. Cartoon sidekick $150usd
Brand new ETEN G500......$200usd
Brand new Eten M500......$180usd
Brand new ETEN M600......$200usd
Brand new NEXTEL I930 ...$130USD
Brand new NEXTEL I870....$120USD
Brand new NEXTEL I860....$100USD


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Global Wireless Tradetelecom

Street:889 Stillwater Ln
Postal code:Georgia
Country:United States
Phone: +1 770 3623409
Fax: +1 770 3623409

Contact person

Name and Surname: Silvia Smith
Phone: +1 770 3623409
Mobile: +1770 3623409